Do you know that feeling when you get together with your family and serendipitously dig up old home videos? Your first Christmases, your parent's wedding, your grandfather bouncing 3-year-old you on his lap at the Fourth of July picnic? You find there are so many moments you forgot even happened but upon revisiting, transport you back to that time, place, and emotion. The look on your mom's face as she teaches you to make your family cookie recipe, the sound of your favorite childhood TV show in the background of your cousin playdate, the warm summer light showering you as you jump around your grandparent's backyard. That feeling is what we long to capture: the nostalgia, the candid moments, the heartbeat of your life as the narrative. These paired down mediums take away the concern of getting "the shot" and instead allow us to follow your story as it unfolds. 

With a                                          , we'll happily follow you around your entire wedding day with an actual video camcorder to capture all of the meaningful moments of your day, both big and small. It's a simplistic, candid documentation that will allow you to relive the day just as it was. You'll receive a 1.5 - 3 minute trailer you can share on social media, with family, and watch to shortly relive how beautiful your day was. You'll also receive the gift of a clipped together video of all your unedited footage from the entire day. 

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A                                     is perfect for the couple who wants a wedding film highlighting the breathtaking feel of their day. The grit of the film, light leaks, and unique color this medium captures all play together to create something that simply feels like magic. Super 8 film is something we've developed a burning passion for. For your wedding day, we'll capture all of the special highlights on a restored 1980's super 8 film camera. You'll receive back a short film with that authentic vintage style and beauty that only true Super 8 film can create.

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