2 hour virtual zoom call where we will target your biggest pain points to help you tackle short term goals. I will email you a questionnaire when you book that will give me a closer insight to where you're at in your business and will lay out a goal planning and tackling pdf specific to your business!

II. COFFEE + CHAT -- $200

2 hour in person mentorship where we will cover the same topics as option 1, just in person! This option is ideal for creatives in the Lexington / Central KY area, or in a location where we will soon be traveling to! I'm also a big physical touch girl, so there would be lots of hugs! 


2 hour in person coffee hangout (aka everything from option 2) paired with a styled session we will work together to design to fit your brand vision. We will photograph the session side by side so you can shadow me and also receive immediate feedback. After the session we can hang out for coffee again / chat virtually and side by side edit some of your photos / go through my workflow for post-session file organization.

payment plans are available for all mentorship options

I've been photographing and filming love stories for 8 years now. I, too, started out with a tiny crop sensor camera begging anyone I knew to get in front of my camera. In those 6 years, I've been through countless presets, photo backup systems, and attended countless photo workshops. When you sign up for a mentorship experience with me, my top priority is that your experiences is worth your investment. No gatekeeping, no elbowing you into buying other products from me, just open book conversations with nothing off the table. You can ask me anything and everything and I can guarantee you will always receive honesty and authenticity. I care way more about you growing as a photographer than my experiences remaining "trade secrets". Your growth, journey, and heart are my priority.

Mentorship sessions are a great time to expand your knowledge on topics such as (but not limited to): client experience, editing, incorporating film into your workflow, portfolio review, directing, authentic storytelling, workflow, standing out on social media, creating boundaries in your business, and really anything else you can think of!