Your love is a unique creation that deserves to be captured. I vow to love you without judgement and create art that you can hang on your walls, and not just all over your social media. I also will always encourage another cup of coffee and will avidly try to make collaborative playlists with you. My mission: to capture you in your most natural and authentic state, alongside the one you love, to further reveal to you the intimate impact you are making on the world around you.

Caleb and Maria were given the daunting task of figuring out how to maintain their perfect wedding against the COVID-19 pandemic this April. Their original plan for their special day included 150+ guests all surrounded in a church for their ceremony and crowded under a large tent in front of a historical home for their reception. As warnings and measures were being given in the state of Kentucky to protect its citizens from the coronavirus, they soon realized they were going to have to make difficult sacrifices on their wedding day. They had to tell all their friends, bridal party, and extended family that they were only allowed to have 10 or less guests, meaning only their immediate families would be present for their ceremony. As difficult as that task was, Caleb and Maria moved through it all with such grace and assurance that this was always God’s plan for their wedding day.

As their wedding day came closer, we made plans to photograph their day while enforcing social distancing and personal safety measures. Groups of the guests had been quarantining together as family and each guest showed no symptoms.

Arriving to their wedding felt surreal. As Maria and Caleb tied the knot in the front yard of their dear friend Jenn’s historical home, things felt beautiful, normal, and perfect if just for a moment. While family members cried and held hands and played acoustic worship music, we all took a deep breath and remembered how wonderful it is to be experiencing something together. As Caleb and Maria made their way down the long driveway for what they thought were going to be some private portraits, a long line of their best friend’s cars drove by honking, waving signs, and yelling their affection at the newlyweds. This display was arranged secretly by Maria’s brother-in-law and the bride and groom had no idea.

After many tears and hugs we made our way to their backyard reception complete with long wooden dining tables, champagne, a chicken coop, and string lights. They gathered around the table as one large family and continued with intentional and joy-filled conversations. A worldwide pandemic was the last thing on everyone’s minds; one another’s laughter filled each of us up with a foreign feeling of communion.

Caleb and Maria managed to maintain a seemingly perfect wedding amidst a pandemic. Rather than looking at this year’s cards we have been dealt as a death sentence to your wedding plans, why not look for ways that you can emphasize on the possibility of intimacy? If you want to see another small and intimate ceremony, check out Whitey and Ismaeel’s wedding from last summer on my blog!

Hair: Hair by Maddie Woff

Bride’s Attire: RELIX Bridal

Wooden Chair / Table Rentals: Warford & Co.

Florals: In Bloom Flower Farm

Catering: Pasta Garage

Cake: Martine’s Pastries

Stationary: Molly Quick