Your love is a unique creation that deserves to be captured. I vow to love you without judgement and create art that you can hang on your walls, and not just all over your social media. I also will always encourage another cup of coffee and will avidly try to make collaborative playlists with you. My mission: to capture you in your most natural and authentic state, alongside the one you love, to further reveal to you the intimate impact you are making on the world around you.

Maddie & Nick & I met when we were all 16 and in youth group together. Nick had just started working on the long hair and Maddie has always had her perfectly thick locks. Maddie and I used to work at the PacSun at our local mall, and I remember sitting behind the counter talking about how badly she wanted to marry Nick Bernard. He would come in and she would hide in the back room and blush as she maneuvered her way around the store to avoid him. We all ended up in college at the same time in the same large friend group. Throughout the years, Maddie and Nick pushed and pulled on each other’s heart strings, and through the ups and downs, we all knew they would end up together at the end of the aisle. Finally after years of all of us cheering them on and begging, they began dating. Just a few short months and lots of memories later, Nick proposed to Maddie on top of her roof with her favorite band playing in the background.

Maddie also lost her dad at a young age. When I showed up to photograph their detail shots, I was moved to see that Maddie had her & Nick’s wedding rings as well as her parents original bands. It is so special to have the honor to create photos that will join together generations of love.

Is it safe to say that Nick & Maddie were my first potential wedding clients ever since I practically signed on at 16? Maybe. Is this wedding everything I could have ever dreamed of and more for these two uniquely beautiful artistic souls? HECK yeah.

I could keep rambling about how much I love them, or how beautiful Maddie looked, or how intentional Nick was with every single one of his guests, but instead I’ll just let you see how beautiful and celebratory their wedding was. P.S.: don’t miss our pastor sliding under guests on the dance floor and flipping guests over his back.

P.P.S.: This wedding was shot on a combination of digital and 35mm film.

Hair Stylist: Hair by Maddie Woff 

Venue: Talon Winery

Dress: Theia at Relix Bridal

Catering: Lyle’s BBQ & North Lime Coffee & Donuts