Your love is a unique creation that deserves to be captured. I vow to love you without judgement and create art that you can hang on your walls, and not just all over your social media. I also will always encourage another cup of coffee and will avidly try to make collaborative playlists with you. My mission: to capture you in your most natural and authentic state, alongside the one you love, to further reveal to you the intimate impact you are making on the world around you.

Here it is, FINALLY, the month of your wedding. With the final checklists comes something else perhaps even more terrifying than your mother’s demands or the pressure of keeping up the rocking bod’ you’ve worked so hard for…the forecast. HOWEVER! I’m here to tell you its not the end of the world!

I am one of the rare believers that rain on your wedding day can actually be a BLESSING rather than a curse! Instead of looking at it as a worse-case scenario, look at it as a chance to get some gorgeous indoor and moody as FRICK portraits!

Here are some of my most useful tips on how to embrace the forecast and LOVE your rainy wedding day:

  • Have a rainy backup plan. I know if you’ve dreamed of having an outdoor wedding your whole life, can this seem like a cop-out of your dream wedding. I want to help you see that its not! Being prepared and having that fear out of your mind might just be the best decision you make in all of your wedding planning.
  • Ask your photographer if they have clear umbrellas for portraits. Just because its raining doesn’t mean you can’t make magic outside. A few clear umbrellas is a great way to save your hair and makeup yet still go for some outdoor portraits. I always keep 2 in the back of my car just in case!
  • Let go of perfection standards you’re putting on yourself. Your dress at the end of the day is just a dress. Clothing was made to be worn and lived in, not kept to unrealistic expectations of cleanliness. If your ceremony is over and you’re wanting to jump around in puddles you’re so excited, GO for it! Don’t hold your dress’ importance over your own joy!

Take Sydney and Ben’s wedding day as an example; their forecast the entire week said rain, but we came prepared! They knew their wedding would be in late November so had already planned to have their ceremony and reception inside. They got ready in a 21C museums / hotels, one of my absolute favorites because of all the gorgeous and minimal gallery space! We chose to really emphasize on this and have their first look in one of those galleries. We continued to stay in their for their portraits and private letters / gifts to each other and I gotta say…I’m in love with the results! Check them out below and rest in the peace that your wedding could be just as dreamy and successful as theirs if the clouds do decide to rain on your parade!