Your love is a unique creation that deserves to be captured. I vow to love you without judgement and create art that you can hang on your walls, and not just all over your social media. I also will always encourage another cup of coffee and will avidly try to make collaborative playlists with you. My mission: to capture you in your most natural and authentic state, alongside the one you love, to further reveal to you the intimate impact you are making on the world around you.

During this cheerful in-home session with Madison and Brandon, we rolled around their house drinking mimosas and snorting and cackling laughing. Brandon’s dance moves and Madison’s light-hearted nature are the most infectious combination. Do you know a couple that just already function as one so seamlessly? That’s Madison and Brandon. You can feel their magnetism drawing each other in through every interaction they have. You can hear their thoughts work in tandem as they share their opinions and dreams. You can see their adoration towards each other in every silent tender glance they share. But don’t be fooled, so many of these giggly photos came from Brandon passing major gas during our session and Madison losing her mind over it! Not what I meant by relaxing and loosening up in front of the camera but I’ll take it!

If you were to ask me what fuels my creative spirit in the commercial photography industry, I would without hesitation say in-home sessions. There is an intimacy that comes with entering the couple’s own space that is unmatched. The decor, comfort and atmosphere is theirs. My only job is to meet them in that space and capture that authentic connection that so often goes unseen. What is better than comfortable clients? or sessions that include breakfast food and pets? Absolutely nothing! This cheerful in-home session proves just how comfortable two people can be in front of a camera.

To celebrate the coming of Spring, I’m offering 20% off all in-home session bookings until March 2oth of 2020. You can inquire on my contact form to get more information! If you’re interested in seeing some more of my in-home work, check out this cozy in-home morning with the Ruh family, or this 70’s inspired maternity session with Sam and Kyle.

P.S. Be sure to check out their amazing couple’s tattoos that say “husband” and “wife” in Greek, the country where they eloped! So cool!