Your love is a unique creation that deserves to be captured. I vow to love you without judgement and create art that you can hang on your walls, and not just all over your social media. I also will always encourage another cup of coffee and will avidly try to make collaborative playlists with you. My mission: to capture you in your most natural and authentic state, alongside the one you love, to further reveal to you the intimate impact you are making on the world around you.

Sam & Kyle are local musicians here in Lexington. They’re the kind of cool friends you run into at a brewery with their other musician friends; someone has beaded dreadlocks and someone else is somehow making bright yellow suede pants look good. They just carry an air of ease and artistic nature to them always. Shooting their in-home maternity session was an intimate look at what a day in the life at their apartment looks like: record playing, serenading each other on guitar, and sipping chai tea out of camper mugs. I had the greatest time with these two. I think their spirit as artists and lovers really shines through in this gallery.